December 2001

December 31 - On Friday, Dissonos stumbled into Athens, badly injured and slowly dying. He managed to warn us about Grigoros's troops assembling to the South, before we got him to Fortune's Favor. Apparently there has been a trapdoor within the Favor for several months, for Dissonos took us down to the cellar. Several Athenians left to look for clues south of Anavyssos, while two remained with Dissonos. His skin had taken on a deathly pallor by now, (Not unlike that of Grigoros)and he managed to gasp out that it was almost 'pleasant.' He then cried out once more and died. Whether Dissonos remains in Tartarus now, or a far more darker fate has befallen him, is unknown.

When nothing was found in the grasslands, The Athenians began to head home when they stumbled across Grigoros killing mercenaries. After speaking with him, The Athenians went on their way, finding themselves in a new area. The area included a gap in the bushes that led to the Halade Gate. It also included access to the mines of Thorikos. (An Interesting note about ancient Thorikos is that it was next to a large collection of tombs.::whistles::) Make sure to go check out that new area, south of Anavyssos. It didn't have any critters that we saw, but I have no clue if it will or not.

Well, Anyway, the Athenians finally made it back to Athens, where Discord pestered them at the Peiraic Gate with hurling ice and blood at them. The group decided to stake out the palace and all other areas among Athens that Grigoros and his men could enter by, while Discord and Ares annoyed the ones stationed at the Palace. Athena soon joined them, and it wasn't long before Grigoros's men showed.

They entered the palace gates, and several Athenians pursued them. Athena and Ares simply said that they couldn't help out because it went against Zeus's rules. The gate slammed shut, and all within were trapped to Grigoros's mercy. He allowed some to go free, killing others, until the Palace was completely under his control. When Athena realized that all was lost, she finally told Ares to open the box. He was about to, but was stopped by a wagon/cat/dog slamming into his legs, causing him to hurl the box into the air.

Well, an hour later, the box was still being tossed around like juggling knives and had been in the possession of several Athenians and Grigoros almost got his hands on it. Ares finally got a hold of it and opened it, and new combat had arrived. The Athenians broke open the door, and promptly defeated Grigoros's men. Grigoros had a hissy fit, and after telling them that he would kill them all, he left. And so ends my long story. (Keep in mind that this happened over three-four hours. There was a lot to write!)

P.T. Barnamous (Sp?) broke a wheel on Rhea Road West Yesterday. When people came, they apparently found a nymph trapped in a cage. The nymph's voice was trapped within an item in Barnamous's possession, and when he accidentally dropped it the voice was set free. The nymph was quickly released, and storytellers received the gift of Sonic. To see more, Type Sonic while in the game. :) Thanks to Llorien for this bit of news.

December 28 - Grigoros is back. For those of you who don't remember him, He is an immortal who wants us to believe he is a god. He's capable of brainwashing those who defy him, and controlling those who follow him. He's apparently back to his old tricks, trying to convince people that he's the answer.

The storyteller Aesop arrived in Athens the other day, telling us stories with morals and listening to our own performers. He plans on coming back soon, so keep an eye out for him. Ares and Athena apparently made a visit to Athens last night, warning of some impending doom for tonight (Friday.) New combat is also supposed to come out tonight. Coincedence? We'll see.

There is also a new candy shop opened in the Southeast Quadrant, near the clothier. The owner is friends with Kigstar, so you might wanna check into that. I don't wanna give the puzzle away for those of you who want to solve it. I will say this, though, watch your dinars and gems.

December 15 - There are several merchant tents/wagons on Metis Circle. A drink tent, charm bracelets/necklaces/anklets, and outdoor clothes are the ones I know about. There is also a fireworks wagon On…uhm.. Rhea road West, I believe. Could be wrong on that.

December 12 - Congrats to Laylana and Moxilli who got married today in real-life!

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