Delta Samakmak

[Delta Samakmak]
Much like any seafood restaurant built so it hangs over the side of a wharf to look onto the water beyond, this building's northern wall is nothing but a massive window. The rest of the dining area has been tastefully decorated with bits of coral and netting dotted with seashells to help drive home that this is, in fact, a seafood restaurant. While not too fancy, the place is clean and the tables are cozy and from the look of the steady flow of customers, the food is good. You also see the tavern keeper, a serving counter and a tavern menu.

     Welcome to Delta Samakmak!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        15    some blackened rainbow trout
      2         8    a plate of beer batter fish and chips
      3        13    a fried catfish basket
      4        15    a fried fisherman's platter
      5        12    a basket of cold steamed shrimp
      6         8    a basket of fried peppers
      7         9    a basket of fried calimari
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