Sacred Goddess, Mother Earth,
Thou from whose mortal bosom,
Gods, and men, and beasts have birth,
Leaf and blade, and bud and blossom.
Breathe thine influence most divine.

— Shelley

The goddess of harvest, agriculture, and civilization. It is she who taught mankind to sow, raise, and reap grain thereby ending their constant wandering and making it possible for them to settle in one place. Demeter causes the weather to be fair so that crops can grow. Her daughter, Persephone (fathered by Zeus), goes to Hades to spend time with her husband at the same time each year. This causes Demeter so much grief that she will not allow the grain to grow, thus causing winter. For as long as anyone, even the gods, can remember she has feuded with Poseidon, this perhaps is why the land near the seas and oceans is barren of crops.

Demeter favors training in Alchemy, Rituals, and Arcane Knowledge. She disfavors Brawling, Weapons, and Acrobatics. Her symbol is a sheaf of grain and her followers will offer her wheat, bread, or malachite stones.

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