Demeter's Bounty Taverna

[Demeter's Bounty Taverna]
A long bar with no stools and several low tables surrounded by small piles of hay dominate the main taproom of this cozy taverna. A group of rowdy young centaurs are engaged in some sort of bragging ritual over by the fireplace, their laughs and shouting adding to the din of people drinking, eating and singing. A small, handpainted menu sits on the bar's edge for all to see. You also see Demetrius, a serving counter and a secluded alcove.

     Welcome to Demeter's Bounty Taverna!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         2    a glass of apple juice
      2         2    a cup of goat's milk
      3         3    a mug of small beer
      4         4    a mug of honey mead
      5         3    a glass of hard cider
      6         7    a snifter of plum brandy
      7         1    a garden salad
      8         3    a pot pie
      9         3    an apple dumpling
     10         6    a haunch of roasted boar
     11         7    a venison steak
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