Demeter's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Demeter's Tent]
Long poles securely attached by thick leather straps compose the frame of the tent. Flower petals have been strewn about the floor in a casual fashion releasing a subtle fragrance as patrons come and go. Two large hand-woven tapestries, each vibrant with color and context, make up the northern wall.

A large straw basket

  • a pair of dark fur mittens
  • a snowflake embossed silver chain hauberk
  • some snowy white pants with silvery threading
  • a grain relic ring
  • a frosted rye-etched iron scythe
  • a hazel and flaxen colored dancing gown
  • a golden and deep russet colored cape

A large woven display case

  • a loaf of honeyed sweetbread
  • a wheat sickle embroidered satchel
  • a piece of delicious corn
  • a sheaf of grain relic necklace
  • a reaping hook pendant
  • a yellow corn symbol
  • a princess cut malachite ring
  • a wheat bundle engraved bronze pin

A large wicker table

  • an etched sheaf-of-grain breastplate
  • a winter white panne velvet cloak
  • a pale silk snowflake-edged gown
  • a silver-tipped wheat carved staff
  • a pair of rust and gold pants
  • an ivory snowflake navel stud
  • some delicate ivory prayer beads
  • a leaf-bladed knife
  • a large grain harvest haversack
  • a carved wood cycling seasons icon
  • a sheaf of grain navel stud

A large wicker counter

  • a huge sunflower
  • a spring flower embroidered sundress
  • some gold and malachite earrings
  • a golden grain-covered salipazo
  • a delicate floral tailwrap
  • a snowflake embroidered shirt
  • some mismatched white and green boots
  • a dark green mourning robe
  • a shucked ear of corn icon
  • a sturdy heavy-ballast flail

A large wicker showcase

  • some woven raffia tail rosettes
  • a patched autumn leaf caparison
  • a fringed saffron birrus
  • a malachite sheaf of grain fibula
  • a broad-brimmed straw causia
  • a pair of ankle strapped caligae
  • a solemn black cowled robe

A large wicker display

  • a bronze-veined globe
  • a squat rounded vase of hardened clay painted in black figure style
  • a heavy iron torch, a brown Demeter nutcracker
  • a stuffed Demeter doll
  • a white marble Demeter statuette

A wooden horse

  • some twisted raffia tail ribbons hung with heads of wheat
  • a patchwork saddle blanket detailing scenes of rural life
  • a thick cotton girth displaying the cycling of the seasons
  • a rustic leather bridle that has been well-used and field worn
  • some twisted raffia reins bound with rustic leather straps
  • a heavy leather saddle embossed with scenes of the harvest
  • a thick leather harness with a sheaf of wheat at its center
  • an antelope-hide bridle with a beaded browband
  • a dark brown silk saddle blanket embroidered with stylized grass
  • a brown leather saddle with iron stirrups

A large wicker trunk

  • a golden-hafted steel morning star
  • a pair of soft suede breeches with tasseled cuffs
  • a polished malachite brooch surrounded by golden scrollwork
  • a malachite dusted golden cloak, an etched crystal ice pendant
  • an ornate golden chalice with a solid malachite stem

A large wicker fishtank

  • a simple stone sculpture of Demeter harvesting grain

A large wicker shelf

  • a carved serpent scaled steel spear
  • a pearl teardrop cloak clasp
  • an off the shoulder gold satin cocktail dress accented with bronzed hawk feathers
  • a scrollwork gold lunula with sand-filled crystal heart
  • a brown leather chariot vest
  • a pair of forest green suede pants with golden threading
  • a pair of silver crane earrings
  • a simple stone sculpture of Demeter harvesting grain
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