Demokratia Diner

[Demokratia Diner]
A cozy and somewhat noisy cafe, the patrons tend to linger to all hours. Laughter and loud storytelling erupt from various parties every so often — kindling to the high-energy atmosphere. The tablecloths and curtains are made of matching blue and white checkered cotton. You also see the owner and a menu.

     Welcome to Demokratia Diner!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         3    a large country salad
      2         4    a bowl of split pea soup
      3         5    a ham omelette
      4         5    a mushroom omelette
      5         5    a squid omelette
      6         7    a baked chicken
      7         8    a pork roast
      8         3    some tapioca pudding
      9         4    a baklava
     10         1    a glass of water
     11         5    a glass of white wine
     12         5    a glass of red wine
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