Diarikos' Shop of Alchemy

[Diarikos' Shop of Alchemy]
Woods, darkened by time, clothe this venerable shop. Thick oaken floors creak ever so slightly when customers move across them. A few alchemic odds and ends are displayed behind the counter — in shelves, urns or dangling from the wall. The counter itself is surfaced with what looks like dark amber. A tiny gnat is trapped in the honey-hued luster. You also see Diarikos.

1   a bottle of cool water                            Price 2         
2   a mandrake root                                   Price 10        
3   a bag of quartz dust                              Price 22        
4   a bottle of olive oil                             Price 4         
5   a jar of deep purple wine                         Price 5         
6   a honey comb                                      Price 4         
7   a vial of cold blood                              Price 5         
8   a bottle of crude olive oil                       Price 3         
9   a bottle of cheap red wine                        Price 7         
10  a bottle of ground glass                          Price 10    

11  a bag of golden-yellow dust                       Price 80        
12  a large jug of wolf blood                         Price 99        
13  a barrel of water                                 Price 49
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