The Mercenary

"Take me for an example. You can distrust me all you want. Can't say it matters to me. But I ain't a liar. Whether you trust what I say to you, that's up to you. I ain't here to convince you. I ain't here to be friends either. If I get the order… ch, well, it's an order. It ain't personal. It's business."

Called Xifos for short, Diathesixifos is a mercenary who hails from the Aegean coast of Greece. Where exactly is not known, as the man refuses to say. If his blood red hair and sharp blue eyes don't catch your attention, then his large barbed sword that he calls his 'companion' probably will. Not much is really known about Xifos, but as a hired mercenary, he has no true concrete loyalty to Drakontas and seems willing to give limited information if one has the dinar to tempt him. It doesn't hurt if the one doing the tempting is female and pretty either, as he's also a rather big flirt. Diathesixifos has no great love for others who work for Drakontas, referring to Vasileios as "Captain Froo Froo" and Psarigida as "that pirate wench".

Did you know?

  • The "Xifos" in Diathesxifos's name is Greek word for 'sword', which is what represents Xifos in many of the visions. He has also been known to use the mark of two crossed red swords for himself.
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