Dionysus' Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Dionysus' Tent]
Grape vines have been embroidered along the insides of the tent, and the names of well-known plays have been pinned as a reminders of Dionysus' two favorite hobbies: drinking and drama. Playwrights of lesser (or no) fame have scribbled their names onto parchments haphazardly stuck wherever there is space, obviously hopeful of gaining the god's blessing on their works.

A gold and purple table

  • a bunch of glass grapes
  • a fanged clay bacchae mask
  • an ivy-etched amethyst ring
  • an ivy-embroidered silvery anirkal
  • a tattered lynx pelt skirt
  • a crudely-sewn halter-top
  • a golden vine embroidered tunic
  • a panther charm and a lion charm

A gold and purple counter

  • a pair of fuzzy purple felt slippers
  • an ornate white gold chalice
  • an authentic Dionysus approved wineskin
  • a twisted silver armband, a wine-stained toga
  • a strange black eyepatch
  • a woven grape vine relic
  • an amethyst grapevine pendant on a silver chain

A gold and purple pedestal

  • an emerald vine stitched felt peplos
  • a golden chalice linked belt, a vine edged purple felt caparison
  • a purple and gold silk wine satchel
  • some amethyst grapevine tail rosettes
  • some vine edged flowing purple robes
  • an amethyst grape and vine tepeliki

A gold and purple display

  • a finely detailed carved wooden carafe
  • some deep burgundy high-heeled sandals
  • a loosely laced white cotton tunic embroidered with grape vines
  • a roughly painted rustic leather wineskin
  • a twisting grape vine globe, a wine-stained burlap satchel
  • a pair of wine stained trousers
  • a purple Dionysus nutcracker
  • a stuffed Dionysus doll
  • a white marble Dionysus statuette

A gold and purple trunk

  • a silver twisting thorn ear stud
  • a pewter vine-wrapped amethyst band
  • a trailing dried grape vine belt
  • a deep burgundy satin ribbon choker
  • a green jade thorny eyebrow ring
  • a dark burgundy silk hair ribbon
  • a sturdy canvas thigh pouch
  • a wine-colored leather wrist pouch

A wooden horse

  • a purple and gold leather girth detailed with promiscuous maenad scenes
  • a cascade of leafy green tail ribbons dotted with tiny purple grapes
  • some woven vein reins hung with dried leaves and preserved grapes
  • a deep purple saddle blanket edged in golden vines bursting with grapes
  • a burgundy leather harness with a golden wine glass at its center
  • a purple and gold leather saddle tooled with intricate grape vines
  • a rustic woven woody vine bridle flanked by pinecone tipped wands
  • a scuffed leather bridle woven into a complicated braid
  • a night black caparison worked with weavings of silver thread
  • a beige leather saddle decorated with embroidered grapes

A gold and purple fishtank

  • a blue tiger's eye sculpture of Dionysus being drawn in a chariot
  • a red breccia sculpture of Dionysus strolling amongst grapevines

A gold and purple shelf

  • a purple jade cameo silver pendant accented by amethysts
  • a golden drinking horn navel stud
  • a sheer deep purple off-the-shoulder cocktail dress with a very short skirt
  • a long cotton skirt split and held together at the front with wooden clasps
  • a purple leather chariot jacket
  • a pair of black leather boots
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