Sister of Ares, daughter of Zeus and Hera, and mother of Strife, the hand of Eris can be seen in every quarrel, feud and disagreement. Her eternal and unforgiving rage is the cause of fear and respect on Olympus, though despised by the Olympians they dared not confront her. She rides into battle with her brother and companion, Ares, but she is more generally known for the less deadly forms of conflict; political strife, personal contention, rivalry and wrangling. One such instance being when she wasn't invited by Zeus to one of his wedding banquets because of her reputation as a trouble maker. To get back at him she had fashioned a golden apple with the word Kallisti ("To the Prettiest One") inscribed upon it. Well when Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite got to the ball a fight ensued over to whom the apple belonged which thusly ruined the entire evening, not to mention caused the Trojan War.

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