Discord's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Discord's Tent]
A dark silver statue of Discord dominates this tent, glittering onyx serving as this chaotic goddess' eyes. Chains dangle from the ceiling in almost macabre display, showing someone is a little too into the darker side of an already dark goddess, not that she is likely to mind. The chains clink together at the smallest breeze, serving as a constant reminder above any who enter.

A gleaming black table

  • an onyx and silver tongue stud
  • a sleek black leather knee-length coat
  • a smirking leather-clad Discord doll
  • some deep black leather boots with multiple straps
  • a black lace-up long sleeved corsette
  • some black fishnet two-finger gloves
  • some fingerless black leather gloves with delicate silver chains
  • an onyx and silver lip ring
  • a twisted silver and black leather dagger sheath

A gleaming black counter

  • some delicate golden apple earrings
  • a misshapen black and silver relic
  • a heavy silver pendant with thin spikes on a leather cord
  • some leather pants with silver studs up the seams

A gleaming black display

  • a small smoky globe
  • a crimson-lined tight black leather corset with silver eyelets
  • a twisted leather whip tipped with wickedly curved steel barbs
  • a black Discord nutcracker
  • a smirking leather-clad Discord doll, a pair of black leather ankle boots with stiletto heels
  • a black basalt Discord statuette

A gleaming black trunk

  • a webbed black silk sash with silver beading
  • a twisted silver circlet with a dangling onyx shard
  • a thin black leather collar with a polished onyx clasp
  • a curving onyx ear cuff with silver hooks
  • a black leather neck-pouch suspended on a silver cord
  • an onyx and pearl cameo clasp

A wooden horse

  • a pair of dark chain reins laced with dusty cobweb tendrils
  • a fan of tattered spidersilk tail ribbons hung with tiny spiders
  • a dark caparison woven of thick black leather mesh with studs
  • a wide black leather girth swirled with funnels of grey smoke
  • a webbed black leather harness with a golden apple at its center
  • an intricate black leather stylized spider bridle with studs
  • a sinister red saddle covered in a mesh of black leather webbing
  • a buffed leather bridle set with a wilting silk rose
  • a soft quilted saddle pad embroidered with a single wilted rose
  • a buffed leather saddle embossed with wilting roses

A gleaming black fishtank

  • an onyx sculpture of Discord snapping a whip

A gleaming black shelf

  • a silver thorned roses bracelet
  • a hardened dark leather relic bracelet
  • a dark azure and purple paneled corset dress with a heavy bronze paneled front
  • a form-fitting sleeveless black mesh shirt
  • some double circle rose gold earrings
  • a dark brown leather chariot vest
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