Not much is known about this shady fellow. He has been accused of being the one to cause the Northwest Quadrant to burn down quite a few years ago, but he claimed innocence. He believed at the that he would be able to make Athens a greater town if the Athenians would just trust him. His ideas for a greater town, however, were purely entrepreneurial for himself. It is believed that he may have framed Sid, the owner of the bar at the Peiraic Gate, saying he attempted to kill him and was responsible for the murder of a waitress and poisonings at a party Dissonos threw. Sid was found guilty, and the bar was taken over by an associate's of Dissonos' named Oikistes. The change in management may have spiffed up the bar, including adding the tables that still remain, but most Athenians were none to happy with what appeared to everyone to be a rigged trial and a bribed Magistrate.

After being devoured by Grigoros, and eventually rescued from him by the Athenians, Dissonos arranged to have Sid freed and left town. His apparent destination was Rhodes, where he later wound up in prison and having the shard fragment of Grigoros' crystal stolen from him. The fragment ended up in the hands of Ziminos. Dissonos was rescued from rotting in his cell by Autolycus, who was hired by the Athenians to perform the task.

Dissonos remains in his shadows for now, and what he's been up to is unknown. However, rumor has it that some citizens of Athens have seen him around, and his old accomplice, Oikistes, has been getting embroiled in some odd situations lately. Whether this has any tie to the recent stirring of Ziminos and Grigoros is unclear - could it be that one who was once part of The First felt the trouble and came to investigate? Only time will tell.

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