Divine Flame Quartzes

Head to the temple of the underworld (Hades Temple, being underground, is out of the sun).

Find the tunnel into the underground area. Right at the entrance should be pickaxes. You can use these or use your own from Platea. The rooms to the east and west have veins you can mine with MINE VEIN.

Once you have enough, you will have to cross the bridge. Start across. If you fall, CLIMB ROPE. If you lose your grip on the rope…firstly ouch…secondly, CLIMB WALL to get back up, then cross again if you aren't on the right side.

PUT MY CRYSTAL IN FLAME to change your crystals into smoky quartzes. Now you are able to TRUST IMBUE them. The size of the quartz will determine how many uses it gets.

So, the breakdown:

  1. Go to Hades Temple in the catacombs.
  2. Go under Hades' Temple, via the tunnel.
  3. Get a pickaxe or bring your own and MINE VEIN to harvest crystals.
  4. Cross the bridge. Good luck.
  5. PUT the crystals in the flame.
  6. Pick up your newly created smoky quartzes.
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