Draco Road Holy Relics And Supplies

[Draco Road Holy Relics and Supplies]
Plain and grey, the shop is strangely quiet. Oiled shelves with tiny cubicles line the wall behind the counter. Most of the cubicles are filled with strange relics and artifacts made from all kinds of materials — from yellowed woods to blackened bones. The nearly bald proprietor dominates the shop with his pale-white face and eerie blue-white eyes.

1   a torch symbol                                    Price 3         
2   a tree symbol                                     Price 3         
3   a sword symbol                                    Price 3         
4   a tiny figurine                                   Price 3         
5   a piece of metal                                  Price 1         
6   a chunk of ore                                    Price 1         
7   a lump of coal                                    Price 1         
8   a candle                                          Price 2      


The candle may be customized with a color.
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