Athens has had dealings with various dragons, separated into several groups.

The Mostly Good

These dragons were originally eggs taken from the Glatoph Ridge in Nordmarka Forest north of Gamlebyen, but now they are part of Drakontas's 'men', as it were. Their personalities vary as much as their colors do.

  • Katakto - The purple one (Male) - The basic leader of the young dragons, who specializes in breathing fire. He can take human form.
  • Frontida -The blue one (Female) - The nuturer, who can split herself into identical copies for a short while, allowing her to better watch over her siblings.
  • Mathaino -The silver one (Male) - Quiet, but uses what the dragons call 'lore' to cause wildflowers to grow and even to cause or stop storms. He was the first to take human form.
  • Aoratos - The black one (Female)- Fiesty and able to go invisible at whim, she is also convinced everyone else is jealous of her. She was the second to take human form.
  • Dynatos - The gold one (Male) - Clumsy but loveable, he is able to use his voice to imitate instruments and even cause sonic/orphic reactions.
  • Brachos - The grey one (Male) - More concerned with food than anything else, he can turn his body into rock. He has also figured out he can get food by rolling up into a boulder for less effort in his mobility.

Runa - A great white dragon. When in human form, Runa takes the name of Loros. He is around a thousand years old. He is the leader of the Glatoph Ridge dragons.

Sodi - A great black dragon, but very rarely seen in draconic form. He is as old as Runa, but was exiled from the Ridge for reasons not yet revealed by either.

Dangerous Dragons

Loki's draconic daughter - Her name was unknown, but she was apparently the one responsible for trapping Runa into ice quite a while ago. Her bones had to be found and completely destroyed in order to free Runa from her curse.

Dragonfell - A great black dragon rules over Dragonfell in Midgard, and a quest requires you seek her out and combat her inside the dark halls beyond burning lava. She seems to have no association with the other dragons in Norway.

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