The Warlord

"I was expecting you a bit sooner! This is always about the time that the fearful masses come to throw themselves at my feet. You get used to it. Care for a drink?"
— Drakontas, the first time the Athenians met him

Drakontas is the warlord who is currently in control of Piraeus, establishing himself as the first warlord the Athenians have seen who successfully managed to take and keep a town. It has been said that when Drakontas smiles, it is wise to beware, but the man actually seems very easily amused, particularly when Athenians try to threaten him. His hair style is his most notable feature, being pulled back in a crest and allowed to fan over his head in a tail, but he also has a scar across his right cheek. To say the man is confident is an understatement, for the first time the Athenians met him, he was shirtless and working on rebuilding a bridge, completely unconcerned about his lack of armor. He says he has no interest in Athens as of yet, though he has attacked it several times, claiming it is merely to keep his men in shape.

His Men and Women

  • Vasileios - Right hand man, and Captain of the Guard
  • Psarigida - Pirate Captain who has allied herself with Drakontas
  • Albrecht - The warlord's clerk
  • Shahla - A slave girl, known as the "Dragon's Treasure"
  • Ifetayo - Drakontas' second harem girl, apparently gifted to him.
  • Diathesixifos - A mercenary, hired by Drakontas for extra security
  • Kamarthi {Presumed Deceased}- A man who Drako apparently used as a decoy, but Kamarthi got too big for his britches and his consequent betrayal led to his death at the hands of Vasileios

The Dragons

The dragons were originally eggs taken from a ridge in Midgard, but now they are part of Drakontas's 'men', as it were. Their personalities vary as much as their colors do.

Drakontas Visions
Visions in the Scrying Bowl that detailed Drakontas's rise and continue to suggest the future.

Did You Know?

  • "Drakontas" is the Greek word for dragon, though it can mean anything from a large serpent to the full blown, fire breathing creature. Ares was known to keep several dragons as pets throughout the mythology.
  • In 624 B.C., There was an Athenian legislator named Drako/n/tas (sources disagree on the precise name and spelling) who was held responsible for the coding of Athenian Law. This law was considered very harsh, with the death penalty being administered for even minor crimes.
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