Drakor's Forge And Leatherworks

[Drakor's Forge and Leatherworks]
An imposing centaur, Drakor stands behind a massive counter that seems dwarfed when compared to him. He presides over a large shop filled with some of the finest armor offered in the city of Athens. Seemingly unaffected by the clamor coming from the room to the east, Drakor greets his customers with a calm smile. Racks and shelves full of his finest goods fill the room, the smell of freshly tanned leather and hot metal attesting to the work that goes into their creation.

1   some tassled leg bands                            Price 20
2   a front-laced  vest                               Price 25
3   a leather breastplate                             Price 70
4   a plumed leather helm                             Price 47
5   some tassled arm bands                            Price 30
6   a scoop-necked silvery chain shirt                Price 114
7   a silvery chain coif                              Price 50


Some items in this shop may be customized with a color.
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