Dusty's Cantina

[Dusty's Cantina]
A circular bar dominates the middle of this low looking cantina, stools dotting the edge of it like links of a chain. It would seem that the place was named after the owner, but the patrons of the place sure fit the name to a tee too. A few tables standing on uneven legs lay scattered haphazardly around the room but most of the people opt to crowd around a shiisha in the corner. Those that aren't in that corner are either sitting at the bar or playing talwa in the other. You also see the tavern keeper, a tavern menu and a serving counter.

     Welcome to Dusty's Cantina!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    some spicey brine-soaked turshi
      2         2    a baba-ghanoug drizzled breadstick
      3         2    a small sack of mohamas
      4         1    a small bag of mixed goz
      5         4    a hot cup of kakoow bil laban
      6         3    a refreshing cup of shay bil na'na'
      7         4    a glass of thick chocolate sahlab
      8         1    a clear glass of mayya shurb
      9         8    a pitcher of dark bock beer
     10         5    a snifter of watered down brandy
     11         5    a mug of vile rum
     12         8    an iced glass of milky zibib
     13         9    an elegant glass of red wine
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