Edstasium's Rare Books

[Edstasium's Rare Books]
You're in a bookstore. Lo and behold, a multitude of shelved books line the walls. A rather friendly scholar — clad in mermel-trimmed, dark purple velvet — mans the short, wooden counter.

1   a sheet of parchment                              Price 1         
2   a piece of paper                                  Price 1         
3   a feather quill                                   Price 5         
4   a bottle of black ink                             Price 5         
5   a small stack of papers                           Price 10        
6   a small stack of parchments                       Price 10        
7   a large stack of papers                           Price 45        
8   a large stack of parchments                       Price 45        
9   a large bottle of ink                             Price 20        
10  a splotched scroll                                Price 19        
11  a sooty scroll                                    Price 22    

12  a small book                                      Price 40        
13  a bottle of red ink                               Price 30        
14  a bottle of blue ink                              Price 30

A few items may be customized with a color.
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