Egyptian Drinks

Ahwa sada/ariha/mazboot/ziyada - Ahwa is Egyptian coffee that has a sweet chocolate flavor and is never served with cream. The varieties sada, ariha, mazboot, and ziyada are ranges of sweetness from black to really sweet in that order.

Asiir (mohz/gazar/lamoon/burtu'aan) - A fresh fruit juice mad by blending the whole fruit and small amounts of ice and sugar water which is then strained into a glass. Mohz is banana, Gazar is carrot, Lamoon is a very tart lemonade, and Burtu'aan is orange.

A Black Orpheus - I'm assuming this is like an ancient Black Russian, could be mistaken though.

Chocolate sahlab - A thick chocolate drink that has about the consistency of oatmeal and tastes like Ovaltine.

Karkaday - A clear, bright red, native drink especially popular in the south that is made by steeping dried hibiscus flowers, sweetened to taste, and served either hot or cold. The locals claim this delicious drink calms the nerves.

Kakoow bil laban - Hot chocolate.

Marzen - Egyptian bock beer.

Mayya (shurb/ahday) - Common Egyptian drinking water.

Mohz bi-laban - A type of Egyptian milkshake, a blend of milk and bananas.

Nuss wa nuss - Blended carrot and orange juice.

Shay (bil na'na') - Shay is hot tea, shay bil na'na' is a mint tea.

Zibib - Egypt's answer to Greek ouzo.

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