The Spartan

Originally thought to be an assassin, Enanskios came to Athens about the same time as Nychta. Like Nychta, Enanskios is also from Sparta, but not that much is truly known about him. He seems to have a love-hate relationship with Nychta, which can be translated as "They love to hate each other" but it's possible that more is brewing under the surface. Nychta and Enanskios have had a brawl before, which Enanskios mostly won, proving he is no lightweight in the combat area. Most recently, Enanaksios tried to protect Nychta from Rubertius' mercenaries and wound up getting captured himself. He was returned by Rubertius on the same night that Rubertius managed to get himself killed by the Athenians and Nychta. He was wounded, but still alive.

Did You Know?

  • Enanskios has a tattoo which he often keeps hidden of a black eagle on a standard. It seems he's not the only one to have this tattoo, and it has been said it is representive of some particular Spartan group.
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