Epheseus' Fine Outerwear

[Epheseus' Fine Outerwear]
A gilded chandelier hangs in the center of the well-kept shop, holding dozens of white candles. The light reflects brilliantly from the many fine fabrics which grace the racks and shelves, glinting like an elegant rainbow. Dressed in one of the fine fashions he sells, Epheseus busily flits from rack to rack, seeing to it that his shop meets the high standards of those who patronize it.

1   a jewel-pinned turban                            Price 50        
2   a front-laced shirt                              Price 5         
3   a billowing shirt                                Price 6         
4   a short-sleeved blouse                           Price 5         
5   a lacy blouse                                    Price 6         
6   a patterned vest                                 Price 6         
7   a tightly-laced vest                             Price 5         
8   a short skirt                                    Price 5         
9   a flowing skirt                                  Price 7         
10  some tailored trousers                           Price 8         
11  some baggy pantaloons                            Price 7         
12  a wide sash                                      Price 3         
13  a tasseled sash                                  Price 4         
14  a formfitting gown                               Price 12        
15  an elegant caparison                             Price 14        
16  a pleated toga                                   Price 8         
17  a draped peplos                                  Price 6         
18  an embroidered cape                              Price 10   


All items maybe be customized with a color and material.
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