Eridanos Bridge Armorers

[Eridanos Bridge Armorers]
Polished armor are displayed on the large counter and, also, dangle on the wall behind it. Shields — some simple, others more fancy and ornamented — are displayed on the other three walls. Twins own the shop, one of them manning the counter at the moment. Except that one of the brothers' eyes are bluer than the other, the two are impossible to tell apart.

1   a leather helmet                                  Price 45        
2   a Corinthian bronze helm                          Price 83        
3   some leather arm greaves                          Price 30        
4   some leather leg greaves                          Price 35        
5   some bronze vambraces                             Price 54        
6   some bronze leg guards                            Price 54        
7   some light leather                                Price 48        
8   some studded leather                              Price 115       
9   some  ringmail                                    Price 120       
10  a chain shirt                                     Price 110       
11  a bronze breastplate                              Price 125       
12  a small shield                                    Price 65        
13  a large shield                                    Price 114       


A few items may be customized with a color.
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