Ese's Weapon Imports

[Ese's Weapon Imports]
The faint scent of burning red sandalwood drifts through the air. Paneled layers of silk hang from the walls, their surfaces gently rustling together. Thick bronze racks are covered with a variety of weapons.

1   a bronze-tipped trident                           Price 55        
2   a braided chain bola                              Price 25        
3   a rose-etched onyx hilted dagger                  Price 125       
4   a bronze kris dagger                              Price 35        
5   a slender bronze knife                            Price 18        
6   a rose-etched dagger                              Price 25        
7   a rose-etched braided leather whip                Price 75        
8   a burnished wire-hilted scimitar                  Price 70        

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