Eureka is basically our Ancient Greek version of Bingo and just like Bingo, you will need to buy a card and a marker to play it. The cards and markers are available in the Eureka Gaming Hall for 10 dinars a piece and the Hall itself is located just North inside the Gaming Hall in Northwest Athens. After buying the card and marker (which are yours to keep and reuses as long as you like) you give Bing 5 dinars to play the current round. If they are too far into the current round you will need to wait for it to end to play.

Bing is the NPC Eureka Caller, he's the guy that pulls the numbered balls out of the bag and calls them out. There are two other NPCs named Velma and Gertrude to offer a little bit of competition for those loners who want to hit up a round of the game. If you join the round after it has begun, or need to look at what numbers have already been called for some reason, you can look behind Bing to see what numbers have already been called.

The basics of the game are: Bing calls out a letter and number combination and you look at your card to see if you have it. If you have the number then you mark <number> on your board, there is no need to use the letter when doing this. So if he says K32, you mark 32 while holding your board and marker and it will be marked. Looking at your board will show you which numbers have been marked. If you make a mistake you can unmark <number> and you can rub board to completely clear it.

The middle of the board is marked FREE and it is just that, no need to mark it because it is a given. You can play as many boards as you want if you think you're fast enough. When you have the winning numbers marked on your board you need to yell EUREKA and Bing will stop the game to certify your winning card and pay off accordingly.

There are several different versions of the game you can play and after each round Bing will ask the crowd which they want. First he will ask if you want this to be a normal, special, or jackpot game. If enough people say or yell the same game type, Bing will run that game.

Normal - A normal game means you just need to get a straight line either horizontally, diagonal or vertical on your card to win and you get 10 dinars if you win.

Jackpot - In a jackpot game you must fill your entire card within the number of calls Bing specifies. If you don't get your card filled by the time specified then you win 25 dinars and the jacpot goes up a certain amount for the next jackpot game. As with all games, if there are two or more winners then the prize money is divided between them.

Special - If you call for a special game then Bing will ask which special game you want to play. Again you say or yell the game you'd like to play and Bing will do that game by whatever the majority of votes are.

You can look sample in the Eureka room to see what you need your card to look like to win in a special game. The winner of this game gets 20 dinars.

The four special games are Little Hercules, The Flag, The Letter Chi, and The Trident and to win your card needs to look like the following:


You can have more marks on your card, as long as you have the pattern for the game marked as well. In other words, it does not have to look exactly like the above cards, but you do need to have that exact pattern marked among the other numbers marked on your card.

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