Fatunya's Fashions

[Fatunya's Fashions]
Visitors and townfolk come and go, keeping the tiny shop somewhat crowded all the time. A large oak counter sits towards the back wall where Fatunya and her dog watch the people browse. You also see a small door.

1   a pretty yellow dress                             Price 5         
2   a long-sleeved black dress                        Price 10        
3   a short lavender dress                            Price 5         
4   a simple blue peasant dress                       Price 5         
5   a simple tan shirt                                Price 5         
6   a black silk shirt                                Price 1000      
7   a ruffled white cotton shirt                      Price 5         
8   a brown leather skirt                             Price 8         
9   a simple blue skirt                               Price 5         
10  a short brown skirt                               Price 6         
11  some dark leather pants                           Price 12        
12  a blue cotton lace-up halter top                  Price 6         
13  a brown lace-up halter top                        Price 6         
14  a long fur cloak                                  Price 30        
15  a soft white cotton cloak                         Price 30        
16  a heavy red wool cloak                            Price 30        
17  a fur-lined black cloak                           Price 30        
18  a dark leather vest                               Price 6         
19  a leather vest                                    Price 6         

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