February 1999

February 27 - Suede was here early early this morning selling jewelry for folks to stick in those extra holes they may have gotten in Piraeus. She also mentioned that she'd be back sometime later today to do some alterations. Whelp, true to her word Suede was back later altering and piercing for near 5 hours! She did a great job and was very patient with all of us, expecially me…I wasn't being too picky, honest! Later she opened her tent up for all to buy earrings and the like in the Palace Gardens. Then even later she opened up for a few piercings for everybody, busy night!

February 26 - Raven opened up her Solstice tent again tonight, better late than never as a wise bard once said. The wonderful jewelry and snowglobes that people missed out on the first time around were sold once again and she mentioned about coming around next week sometime to do some alterations. Be careful with the snowglobes though, if you drop them they WILL break!

February 25 - Our little friendly local goddess of chaos Discord showed up tonight at the gate. Seems she's switched sides on us, I heard she wasn't too friendly, sending spiders and giant drooling hamsters to attack folks. She was also zapping people seemingly at random for little or no reason. I guess our "helpful" little Olympian has begun to show her true colors.

Fox was also here early this afternoon for Dokx's date. I didn't wanna harp in on his time much so I just said my hellos and left them to it, but she looked fine so all you guys can quit worrying about her in her post-bacchae state.

February 24 - Perizada was here early this evening spit polishing jewelery in the estate. The magic she worked with a bit of spit and a cloth was amazing, making people's rings, belts, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelery sparkle and gleam in the light. It also amazed me how her mouth never seemed to run dry, must be a centaur thing…hehe, or maybe it was because of the cold she had.

February 21 - As promised, Fedmire was here again last night doing alterations for two lucky groups of five people. His tent was set up outside the south and eastern gates of the city of Athens. Don't despair if you missed him though cuz I think he said he'd be doing it at least once more somtime soon.

February 20 - The Estate performance went wonderfully. Ianera won the contest, congrats! It was a lovely poem! And Gabrielle told the most wonderful story to us after the play. And speaking of the play, it wasn't too bad if I don't say so myself…hehe, it all went off flawlessly. Then there were all sorts of prizes awarded after the party. All manner of things were awarded, from alchemist goodies to armor and weapons to fancy jewelery and even a date with Fox! I'd like to thank all those involved, especially Gabrielle and Malca for making it a truly wonderful experience. I'll even thank Kedar for showing up, though all he did was force Dearcy to be his date and then sleep through the performances, hehe. And a special thank you to all you guys that made donations and made this evening possible! You know who you are, we'll have that festival yet!

Harukia also showed up a bit later and attacked us with soldiers and seasoned fighters. An interesting twist to this fight though as the soldiers all had southern forge cast on their blades. Of course after defeating his soldiers Harukia was soon killed too. Then more soldiers show up and Collin popped into the bar for a chat. After talk of taking over Athens, a little philosophy, and a lot of fashion tips, he left and sent another couple of waves of his little fighters after us (one wave had a basalt soldier with it). Of course he wasn't done though, the little coward of a man started running around throwing shrapnel bombs at us later.

February 19 - Fedmire came this evening and announced that he'd be altering for the first five people to find him. After a frantic search of the entire area we finally found him in legionaries. The lucky folks were Bonk, Denada, Leanna, Pickoer, and me. Seems Fedmire went straight to the beach after we rescued him from Cresus and got a tan. He's also built himself up a bit, "Got rid of that fat dumpy stomach of mine." When he was asked where this beach was he refused comment. Fedmire also announced for those who did not find him not to fret, for he would be doing the same again soon!

February 16 - Cosmetic Scrolls are out! Your local alchemist can now change your hair color, eye color and skin color. The scrolls are available at Viurla's, the poison hovel by Melanippe in NE Quad. But be careful, the cost for beauty is pain, and from what Denada told me… it sure does hurt!

February 14 - Sasebo showed up this morning after the dance contest talking about wanting to go check out that area under Fedmire's tent again. Later she announced that she'd be giving tours for groups of 7 to everyone who came in time for them that night, I think she ran 2 or 3 tours. A few of the puzzles were redone and it was a lot more enjoyable with such a small group, there were even a few different critters (giant black snakes and baby spiders). So if you hear her announce another tour of the area, be sure to go! I also got my chance to explore and map Themistocles Tomb… but the map is so small and contains so many "puzzles" or should I say somewhat hidden passages, that I doubt I will publish a map of it. I saw twenty rooms in total, but if I do map it, I'll prolly stick it on the Piraeus map and not show any of the hidden passageways.

February 13 - The dancing contest went off tonight without a hitch, everyone had a great time and I enjoyed seeing such wonderful dances and creativity from our poets and entertainers during the breaks. you all did a wonderful job, and special thanks go to the mentors who set this up… it was great for having to plan it in such a short period of time! The winners are as liste below:

Romantic dance for soloists - Katie
Humorous dance for soloists - Pickoer
Romantic dance for couples - Kor and Katie
Humorous dance for couples - Hawkeye and Fireoak
Free-for-all for groups of 3 or 4 people - Fireoak, Pickoer, and the masked man ;)

The locksmith from Piraeus, Larton, cam to town today to show some people the backroom of his shop. Looks like we got that NPC picker as Larton will examine boxes for you and pick them for a price. The service is located through the curtain in his locksmith shop in Piraeus. Thanks for the update Pickoer.

February 12 - Well, it happened right on schedule…stormclouds darkened the skies, the earth trembled, and we ran to the rescue of our friends. After climbing down a very long flight of stairs we were faced by several puzzles at the end of which we received glowing stones that were placed on pedestals in the chamber where Creses was holding Fedmire. We grabbed all the rocks, the bluebird helping us along the way, escaping from moving ceilings lined with spikes and falling through trap doors, stairs that turned to slides, the whole bit. Finally we got to Sasebo's room and that blasted dark tendrilly stuff swirled around me and wouldn't you know it, I was possessed! Next thing I know I wake up with a twisted dagger in my hand and this!…"Ares leans over and embraces Scheherazade, dipping her into a long, lingering kiss!" Well, Discord apparently popped in and tried to stop Ares from helping me, and when he did anyway she ran off to help Cresus take over Fedmire's body.

Well, we freed Sasebo then ran off to try and help Fedmire. We went to the spot where he was chained up and Cresus started talking to us, throwing fireballs and the whole mess. After a lot of "We love you Cresus", Fedmire freed himself from the chains, but it seems he was already possessed by Cresus cuz he started throwing fireballs at us and yelling at us to leave. Well, then who should show up but the goddess of love herself. Yup, Aphrodite was there in all her glory, and she helped us trap Cresus back in Melodone's rose which she then took with her, along with the dagger I found myself holding to take care of them. After berating Fedmire for picking roses from her garden and making him apologize she poofed and we left to find ourselves in Themistocles' Tomb in Piraeus. Didn't get to see much of it because I was whooshed out immediately, but seems it's a puzzling place a lot like Tartarus with bats and spirits to hunt in it. But at any rate, Fedmire and Sasebo are safe….for the time being at least, and Ares kissed me!!!

February 11 - A priest named Mortocus showed up this morning in the bar and gathered all of Athens for a love fest at the tent to destroy the web. He said that he could destroy the web in the tent but he needed our love to do it. So when they all got to the tent and started hugging and all and what not, the priest destroyed the web with some silvery tendrils. When going back later to check on the web Melodone and Vaftel ran into the priest again along with some basalt guards. The priest chatted with them and then ran off barking after telling them that perhaps throwing roses at Cresus would fend him of or anything else that represents love, no not THE rose. (perhaps he is Sasebo's dog, she said his name was Morticus but coulda been slurring the name she was so drunk) Then aftyer he left, Vaftel and Melodone loved the guards till they crumbled into ashes.

Apparently later another of those eagles came asking if anyone wanted to die. Most everyone showed their new found love toward it and it fled the scene, until a few non-believers stood up to it and they were, of course, killed. It came back and they had it reeling with all the love and affection until someone attacked it and the eagle went berserk and killed quite a few people. Finally it was calmed down and they loved it to death like the guards. Thanks for the news once again Vaftel!

February 10 - Discord came around tonight and did the usual, talking to us, smirking at us, making fun of us a bit, and of course being ridiculed for seemingly no apprent reason by lotsa folks. She said she had planned to help us but wasn't in the mood anymore. Ares dropped by and mad sure to tell us how worthless we were before popping out, he even clucked at Discord, hehe! Before Discord left I asked her if she knew when we'd be able to get to Fedmire and Sasebo, all she said was, "Well, I feel something bad coming. I will see you all in Hell."

"Sasebo" also arrived at the bar tonight holding a pair of high heeled shoes. She tried and fool us, asking for wine and such, but when we called Cresus out we found out who she really was. Soon she was attacking, and killing, Melodone with those shoes she was holding. When we hid from her and asked what she wanted she said "More blood!" and when we refused to come out she said something about just having to go find some more and walked out. Soon after she was killed a bit south of the gate and we saw that black haze cover the ground. Then a giant eagle arrived and killed me very quickly (450 points of damage in one swing). After they fought it a bit the eagle said….A giant eagle opens its beak and squaks, "I have enough blood now to destroy your civilization forever. Enjoy your last two nights." and then…"Enough death. I must prepare."

Discord appeared to Bonk while he was hunting in wolves the other day and let him know when we might be able to go and try to save the world. So it seems the big event will be Thursday, same bat-time, same bat-channel…so be there!

February 7 - A bunch of spiders from the warrens swarmed the ridge and attacked us in the Hero's Bar tonight. They were also attacking around the Peiraic Gate and webbing folks of course. One spider actually tittered, "shehehehehehe!" after I muttered about being stuck in a web. Then it attacked us, kinda like those stone guards did, hiding and attacking then hiding again. Finally after killing it we went back to the gate to find them locked in battle with an monstrous purple spider, while it was very pretty, it also died very quickly.
February 6 - After an odd shadow passed over the gate this eveing, some legionaries attacked us, muttering the entire time about needing hostages. During the battle several people were drug off physically by one of these legionaries, almost all women, but none got actually taken. We still have no idea what is going on or why this is happening or even who sent them, they mentioned their commander several times, but I'll keep you guys up to date if anything else comes of it.

Seems the gods stepped in on our behalf and delayed Cresus' arrival and rebirth for the time being so that we may better preapre for the final battle. Autolycus showed up and talked to us for a bit, flirting as is his normal way before dashing into the shadows just as a band of soldiers busted in looking for him. Then, after getting a message that Zeus has called all the gods back to Olympus for a meeting or some such, Ares came down and told us what was going on. He told us we were wasting our time waiting to battle Cresus because it wasn't going to happen until "Daddy Dearest" gives the ok. "So..get over it, mortals. You're little plots and plans for the night just need to lie low."

February 5 - Well, we were sitting in the bar when a dirty old beggar ran in then ran back out, so of course we went after him. Well, he ended up attacking us, but we managed to get folks to hold off on killing him. Discord showed up and berated us for not being able to kill an old man and kept trying to egg us on to kill it, a bunch more showed up so we finally attacked, making them all run except for one who died. Then Discord zapped Vaftel for squishing her face and folks started slapping and kicking her and they too were zapped. Well, after telling us she didn't want to help us and wanted to rule us and that when she thought she was helping us she really wasn't, she sent some gypsy thugs after us. Thankfully, with Oregano, we managed to get them to run but not before some deaths on our side, those twisted clubs hurt.

February 4 - That little blue bird came to me this orning again, no more stories this time though but it was answering some yes and no questions like it usually does. When I asked if we would be seeing Fedmire soon it nodded its head so after several minutes of grilling the bird (don't tell Discord) I managed to get it to nod to us being able to save them tomorrow, late. So I guess keep your eyes peeled on Friday night (evening for all you PST folks), be there or be square!

Seems Vaftel also had a visit from Cresus himself in the form of a trout while he was fishing this morning. Apparently he gathered from his little talk about the same thing that the blue bird told me, seems Friday is the night! And please remember we gotta work together through this, so let's try and do it for Fedmire and Sasebo's sake, and possibly the sake of the world as we know it.
February 3 - Sind was approached by some shabby sailor tonight, I couldn't get many specifics about it, but that doorway at the top of the stairs in Piraeus seems to be a piercing parlor! Seems there's another puzzle involved to get in…good luck guys!

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