February 2001

February 25 - Msanychta finally showed herself. For those of you who don't remember, She's the one with Tarha's ring. Now, for the catches about us getting the rings back. 1)The ring gives Tarha more power. It was given to her by Bacchus. 2) If the ring is destroyed it destroys Tarha. Sounds good, right? Think Again. 3) Msanychta is Tarha's daughter, thus she's not gonna hand over the ring so we can destroy it. 4) If we don't get Tarha the ring, she's gonna kill all of us. 5) if we DO give it to her, she'll probably kill all of us anyway. Our job is to figure out how to save OUR Lives, and Msanychta's as well, and if we're doing really good, free Tarha. (Not likely, because the only way to free Tarha would be to kill Bacchus.) The ring protects Msanychta from Bacchae, but it doesn't not protect her from Bacchus.

In all reality, if Bacchus wanted the ring it'd be quite an easy feat for him, but his bacchae can not fetch it. One theory to be considered is draining the ring of the power, then giving it back to Tarha. Dionysus didn't seem inclined to help us. So Keep your eyes open. The Bacchae attacked shortly after Msanychta left, as a warning that we'd better get that ring or Tarha will make good on her threats. Also, Gabrielle made two appearances last night, chatting with the Athenians. Apparently her and Xena are headed off to Macedonia.

February 22 - First of all, we've got some new verbs (Yay!). Feel free to play around with tuck and Shape. And in case you're REALLY behind there is also fold and Sink. Tarha, the follower of Bacchus, talked with us the other day. She informed us to be on the lookout for Msanychta. Apparently M (I'm not gonna try to spell her name right again) stole Tarha's ring, and Tarha wants it back. If we convince M to give Tarha the ring, we get to live (what a trade off.) Be wary though, Tarha told us the ring had sentimental value but can you really trust a follower of bacchus? There is also some new toy for Alchemists, if one of you alchies want to explain it, please do, cuz you'll do it MUCH better then me.

"Announcement: Feeling a bit catty? Then boy do we have the PURR-fect verb for you!" Seems we have a purr verb now also.

February 15 - Okay. First of all, we have a new alterer in town named Cyrano. So far he has altered chocolate creations for us, and he has sold fondue pots in which we can dip things in chocolate (YUM!) Freesia also made a valentine's day visit and did her fantastic work for those who found her. Blyss, Cupid's daughter, was around shooting people on the 18th, and apparently she has a brother named Flitter (something like that) who also made an apperance. Be warned, there is apparently yet another brother we haven't met yet. Widow Twanky's Sweetheart Dance was wonderful, and Aphrodite made a quick appearance as well.

February 11 - Alright, first of all, Apparently rogues can make their own lockpicks now. I do not know the specifics, other than that the new shop is in the rogue tunnels. If I'm wrong, let the list know please. Kleftis has been around doing her fantastic altering. It seems Collin has yet another lackey now, of the name Crinnian. She is a priestess of Hera. She and Skia attacked last night with war dogs, legionaries (He's getting the help of the romans?),and assassins. Despite the fact Crinnian said he was dead as a doornail, Harukia showed his face long enough to get killed twice.(Maybe she prophesizes?) One must consider it thoughtful,though, for letting us know he was still alive. ;)

February 8 - Posted by Katie: I just wanted everyone to know what wonderful GMs we have. They make us laugh even when the game has to close for 10-15 minutes. Here's a quick log for the "end of the world" today:

Announcement: It's time for Atlas to take a break, and with Hercules not falling for that old trick again, we're afraid the entire known world will need to be put on hold when he clocks out. Prepare for the end of all things in about 10 minutes, well the end for at least the next 10 or 15 minutes anyway.

Translation: We will be taking the game down in about 10 minutes while we make upgrades which should take no longer than 10 or 15 minutes. Thank you for your patience while we strive to assure you a quality gaming environment.

Announcement: It's almost time for Atlas' break! You better run while you can, there's no telling where he might set Olympus down — and woe is you if he decides to place right where you're standing!

February 5 - Okay, Dionysus has been making apperances around Athens lately, mostly chatting at the gate. Bacchae and a few other odd creatures have also been attacking. An addition on the Princess Jini story, She apparently is believed to be a djinn(like a genie but not quite). She made a comment about 'efreet' which is a fire djinn.

Wanderstar has also released a new hunting area for those who hunt legionaries. The Area consists of Legionaries and Highwaymen, and can be found where the sign in the Kithaeron Mountains is (Just go north instead of up.)

A sidenote from Hawkeye: In addition to the previously discussed happenings, I think it would be worth mentioning the fact that I own the only mule in Athens that is capable of flight, thanks to Dionysus. Everyone may now envy me. That is all.

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