Feena's Fashion Emporium

[Feena's Fashion Emporium]
Racks full of brilliantly colored clothing fill the room, creating a rainbow to please the eye. Exquisite fabrics stack neatly on a set of shelves that line the unadorned walls of the shop. Feena, clothed in a simple silk tunic that brushes the spotless floor, is carefully folding a length of fine silk. She greets all of her customers with a smile and many with a hug. You also see a bright green cotton curtain.

1   a hip-length vest                                Price 6
2   a vest                                           Price 5
3   a fringed tunic                                  Price 6
4   a tunic                                          Price 5
5   a blouse                                         Price 5
6   a ruffled blouse                                 Price 6
7   a shirt                                          Price 5
8   a front-laced shirt                              Price 6
9   a gown                                           Price 7
10  a slim-cut gown                                  Price 10
11  some trousers                                    Price 5
12  some tailored trousers                           Price 7
13  some pants                                       Price 5
14  some pleated pants                               Price 7
15  a skirt                                          Price 5
16  a lace-hemmed skirt                              Price 9
17  a fringed sash                                   Price 4
18  a sash                                           Price 3


Most items in this shop may be customized with a color, material or both.
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