Fine Dorian Weaponry

[Fine Dorian Weaponry]
Burnished weapons are proudly displayed on the wall behind the counter. The quality and craftmanship of the weapons seem quite obvious, and reputation backs this up. A rather burly smith stands ready to serve customers. From the back of the building originates a rhythmic clanging — which, to some, is almost more noticeable when it is interrupted.

1   a dagger                                         Price 18        
2   a javelin                                        Price 20        
3   a spear                                          Price 24        
4   an oaken quarter staff                           Price 18        
5   a short sword                                    Price 35        
6   a burnished broadsword                           Price 47        
7   a greatsword                                     Price 55        
8   a mace                                           Price 38        
9   a morning star                                   Price 42        
10  a handaxe                                        Price 35        
11  a battle axe                                     Price 50        
12  a halberd                                        Price 48        

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