Flavius Armenius Orisius Collectibles

[Flavius Armenius Orisius Collectibles]
Baubles and fancy bits of decorative fluff of all sorts stands on racks or counters or has been hung on the very walls of the shop at every turn. Most of it is useless except for and sold only for its artistic value, and some isn't even worthy of anyone with any taste what-so-ever. But, tasteless or not, the items seem popular among the locals and tourists alike and they are all rather pricey. Nobody who is anybody leaves Delphi without buying something from F.A.O. Collectibles.

1   a super colossal Roman gladiator toy              Price 600       
2   a strapping bronzed Olympic champion toy          Price 500       
3   an ornamented black toy war stallion              Price 660       
4   an exquisite ivory toy nymph                      Price 760       
5   a dusky tan lush toy satyr                        Price 650       
6   a trusty red toy soldier                          Price 550       
7   a majestic gold toy chariot                       Price 870       
8   a graceful ivory geisha doll                      Price 740       
9   a noble ivory Samurai doll                        Price 750       
10  an enticing white gold toy siren                  Price 890       
11  a plump white velvet rabbit                       Price 850       
12  a green brocade toy frog                          Price 975       
13  a huge brown silk teddy bear                      Price 1250      
14  a pink rose petal tea set                         Price 240       

15  a delicate crystal tea set                        Price 470       
16  a vine engraved silver tea set                    Price 550
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