Fleet Apothecary

[Fleet Apothecary]
A cramped, cluttered shop, this establishment caters to a very specialized clientele. Vials of unhealthy-looking fluids and powders line shelves all along the walls, and heavy velvet curtains block off the windows from view. Oddly enough, the musty air smells almost pleasant, like the aroma of cooking spices. You also see a shadowy back door.

1. a crumpled wax paper scroll       (10 dinars) Nausea potion. 
2. a torn wax paper scroll           (20 dinars) Poison of Narcoleptis. 
3. a faded wax paper scroll          (30 dinars) Paralysis poison. 
4. a folded wax paper scroll         (20 dinars) Tremors potion.
5. a rumpled wax paper scroll        (4 dinars)  Poison of Atropos. 
6. a waterlogged wax paper scroll    (15 dinars) Hemlock poison.
7. an ink-smeared wax paper scroll   (29 dinars) Tiger-bite poison. 
8. a yellow vellum scroll            (13 dinars) Nausea antidote.
9. a purple vellum scroll            (30 dinars) Tremors antidote.
1. a puce vellum scroll              (20 dinars) Menthol antidote
2. an ochre vellum scroll            (8 dinars)  Antidote of Clotho poison.
3. a mauve vellum scroll             (18 dinars) Mustard antidote.
4. a deep red vellum scroll          (30 dinars) Tiger-bite antidote.
5. an amber vellum scroll            (57 dinars) Bezoar antitote.
6. a black vellum scroll             (32 dinars) Paralysis antidote.
7. a white vellum scroll             (26 dinars) Antidote of Vegere.
8. a stained wax paper scroll        (18 dinars) Silence venom formula. 
9. a pleated wax paper scroll        (49 dinars) Kiss of Teleute.

1. a gold banded papyrus             (55 dinars) Minor detoxification potion.
2. a black banded papyrus            (253 dinars)Lesser detoxification potion.
3. a purple banded papyrus           (768 dinars)Detoxification potion.
4. a fiery red banded papyrus        (1320 dinars)Greater detoxification potion.
5. a pink banded papyrus             (2580 dinars)Major detoxification potion.
6. a pale white scroll               (250 dinars) Elixir of Ekmetalleftis.
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