Fleet Taverna

[Fleet Taverna]
This elegant, if rustic, taverna is cast in perpetual shadow from the heavily shaded windows, a faint pale light glowing from hooded lanterns on hooks throughout the room. The faint scent of rich meat spices hangs in the air, aromatic and enticing. You also see the tavern keeper Donovan, a polished black soapstone counter and a shadowy back door.

     Welcome to Fleet Taverna!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         1    a glass of sparkling clear water
      2         2    a cold mug of dark berry juice
      3         4    a mug of dark red beer
      4         4    a stein of rich golden brown beer
      5         5    a flagon of sweet white wine
      6         1    a rich lamb pie
      7         2    a savory beef pie
      8         3    a rice and herbed chicken roll
      9         8    a hearty shaved lamb gyro
     10         4    a bowl of fresh minced cucumber salad
     11         2    a cup of frozen lemon ice
     12         4    a sliver of rich iced lemon torte
     13         3    a bowl of fresh cream and strawberries
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