Flights Of Fancy

[Flights of Fancy]
Cheerful chaos reigns in this small shop, as the sounds of the crowds outside blend with the chattering of a parrot perched on the shoulder of a young man. Ignoring the squawks and screeches of his tropical partner, Kronat tends to the business of helping his customers. Hanging from a rack on the far wall, beautifully crafted ash bows await their owner's choice of strings. A bin of arrows stands beside a small counter and bowstrings hang from the ceiling, swaying in a gentle breeze.

1   a shortbow                                       Price 36        
2   a longbow                                        Price 42        
3   a light crossbow                                 Price 45        
4   a bundle of arrows                               Price 5         
5   a bundle of crossbow bolts                       Price 6        


The bows may be customized with a color.
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