Flotsam And Jetsam Alchemist Supplies

[Flotsam and Jetsam Alchemist Supplies]
A wooden counter fronts a large and intricate shelving contrivance filled with oddities of all sorts. The time-darkened counter is adorned with small carvings of hemlock leaves in each corner. Walls, devoid of decorations, are painted an unusual, but somehow quite suitable, bone-white. You also see a black curtain.

1   a bottle of cool water                            Price 2         
2   a honey comb                                      Price 5         
3   a mandrake root                                   Price 10        
4   a bag of quartz dust                              Price 19        
5   a bottle of olive oil                             Price 5         
6   a jar of deep purple wine                         Price 5         
7   a vial of cold blood                              Price 4         
8   a bottle of crude olive oil                       Price 8         
9   a bottle of cheap red wine                        Price 7         
10  a bottle of ground glass                          Price 10
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