Flotsam And Jetsam Alchemist Supplies Scroll Room

[Flotsam and Jetsam Alchemist Supplies, Scroll Room]
This dark section of the shop is filled with cubicle shelves — both they and the rolled-up scrolls that fill them quite dusty. Dust and dirt also blanket the floor, making it a tad hard to tell its color or make. The owner tends to stay away from this room, unless it is obvious that a worthwhile sale is imminent — neither cleaning nor dirt a particular favorite of his. You also see a black curtain.

1. a brown scroll                (30 dinars) Carrot-chickory poultice.
2. a charcoal grey scroll        (11 dinars) Bottled smoke of Obfuscates.
3. a dusty scroll                (18 dinars) Dust of Narcoleptis.
4. a red scroll                  (4 dinars)  Mistletoe powder of Ch'in.
5. a light brown scroll          (25 dinars) Elm powder of Ch'in.
6. an aged scroll                (45 dinars) Oak powder of Ch'in.
7. a mottled scroll              (85 dinars) Witchwood powder of Ch'in.
8. a silvery scroll              (4 dinars)  Serum of sight.
9. a dark orange-red scroll      (75 dinars)

1. a feathery black paper scroll (74 dinars)

Backroom: None
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