The following is a list of instructions to follow to form a paper fortuneteller. Once you create the fortuneteller, look at it (you can also show it to others to show them the same thing. There is a list of colors which you can pick by turning them (turn fortuneteller <color>). Once you do this you will need to pick another number and a color and so on until you reveal a fortune. The fortunes are randomly made when you create the fortuneteller, so you may get different ones with different fortunetellers.

CREASE - Crease the four corners of the papyrus.
TURN - Pull all four corners to the center.
TURN - Turn the model over.
PULL - Pull the corners to the center.
CREASE - Fold the top of the model back.
SHAPE - Form four points at each corner.
MARK - Write the fortunes on the fortuneteller and you're done.

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