"Then the question you must consider is this: Are they gods because you have called them such, or are they gods for what they do?"
— Fostimeras when asked about the difference between Fae and the Gods

As an incorrigible flirt, Fostismeras is fond of all women, giving most of them a name of a flower by which to distinguish them based on their personalities and the meaning of the flower. He was the first Fae to be known to the Athenians, though he was quickly followed by Faileas, who he refuses to call anything but 'brat'. In terms of the other fae, Clovius seems to be the closest to him, earning the title of 'my ancient friend'. He is apparently at least a couple thousand years old and one of the oldest of the Sidhe in game, with the possibility of only Isalinda being older, and he and Clovius often speak of their past mischief. Despite this, he also seems to be one of the more serious of the Fae, often offering philosophical ideas or singing songs when he isn't playing his panpipe.

His gardens can be found in the land of the Fae, but he seems chiefly in charge of keeping the land of the Sidhe protected and is apparently very adept at magical barriers. Because of his closeness to the Athenians, it would appear that at one point he almost managed to kill himself by using too much of his magic to aid them. The Athenians intervened and saved him, but he seems unchanged in his duties to the other Fae. Fostismeras is also very fond of riddles, sometimes refusing to give a direct answer and instead leaving a riddle for the Athenians to solve.

It has recently been revealed that Prince Keir Nathair of the Unseelie is his half-brother, but the details are vague and it does not seem to change the point that they are currently on opposite sides of the conflict between the two courts.

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