Frourio Magikos Hat And Hare Pub

[Frourio Magikos, Hat and Hare Pub]
Orange lanterns hang from the low beamed ceiling over the tiny pub, one of its walls taken over completely by a long bar with high-backed red leather stools. Round tables with playing cards spread out under their glass tops sit on the grey stone paved floor with comfortable wooden chairs for guests to lounge as they enjoy their drinks. Two small doors sit halfway up the wall next to a raised stage almost the size of one of the tables, the rest of the wall carved to look like the depths of a beer cellar. You also see a bartender and a drink menu.

1   a mug of strong oat lager                     Price 14     
2   a mug of spiced pale ale                      Price 12
3   a glass of Frourio pale ale                   Price 8 
4   a mug of cedar smoked beer                    Price 10
5   a mug of imperial stout                       Price 8
6   a mug of magic hat peach brew                 Price 14
7   a glass of Delphic Oracle pilsner             Price 10
8   a mug of basement dark lager                  Price 10
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