Frourio Magikos Main Dining Room

[Frourio Magikos, Main Dining Room]
The large dining room sweeps around an immense table in the center with seats reserved for estate regulars, the smaller tables all circled around it as if pulled into orbit by its very gravitational pull. A large chandelier above the table has the same effect on the smaller ones moving across the twilit ceiling, its surface dotted with stars and swirls of manic color. The bright flowered carpet beneath covers a worn oak floor that matches the wood paneling on the walls. You also see a waiter, an open arch to the east and a polished oak table with a dinner menu on it.

1   a plate of spicy barbecued prawns                                Price 18     
2   a bowl of the famous Frourio Magikos flaming chili               Price 12
3   a bowl of creamy lobster bisque                                  Price 16      
4   a bowl of mixed field greens with roasted tomato vinagrette      Price 9
5   a fully loaded baked potato                                      Price 14
6   a blue cheese wedge salad                                        Price 10
7   a side of creamy ham risotto                                     Price 16
8   a plate of fresh seafood linguini                                Price 20
9   a juicy medium rare filet mignon                                 Price 28
10  a tender beef wellingston with mushroom puree                    Price 30
11  a basket of steakhouse fried potato wedges                       Price 11
12  a braised jalapeno pepper jelly rack of lamb                     Price 25
13  a roasted garlic pheasant                                        Price 20
14  a bowl of creamy chicken marsala                                 Price 25
15  a slice of fresh apple pie                                       Price 10 
16  a slice of chocolate pecan pie                                   Price 12
17  a slice of chocolate souffle cake                                Price 14 
18  a bowl of white chocolate bread pudding                          Price 14
19  a glass of fresh mountain spring water                           Price 5    
20  a glass of house merlot                                          Price 14    
21  a glass of house chardonnay                                      Price 14
22  a mug of mulled apple cider                                      Price 10
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