Frourio Magikos Mezzanine Bar

[Frourio Magikos, Mezzanine Bar]
People walking into the bar for the first time stumble and trip over themselves without having even touched a drink due to its odd dimensions. The ceiling is curved like an amphitheatre designed by a very drunk and cross-eyed Daedelus, its surface seeming to move in waves before your eyes. The bar looks sunk into the wall while an awning above it pushes out toward you dramatically. Warped tables and bar stools set at different heights complete the illusion of the room rolling and heaving. You also see the bartender, a drink menu and a twisted arch.

1   a tall and spicy bloody Iole                     Price 13   
2   a sparkling black raspberry Delphi shooter       Price 18
3   a fruity fuzzy navel                             Price 11
4   a refreshing Piraeus Bay breeze                  Price 14
5   a snarling agave juice minotaur                  Price 19
6   a sour grapefruit salty dog                      Price 14
7   a frozen coffe mocha mudslide                    Price 14
8   a creamy mint grasshopper                        Price 18
9   a frosty strawberry daquiri                      Price 18
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