[Law Ting Holm, Assembly Approach]
The marshy land surrounding the path leading up to the tingstead begins to solidify a bit as the ground rises to form the knoll of Law Ting Holm. The perimeter of the hill circles around to the west and east, hugging a stretch of water that surrounds the entire place. The hill rises to the north and flattens out, a large number of stone benches have been set up on the level ground. Two statues, one of Ull and the other of Forseti, flank the manmade causeway that leads back out into Gamblebyen proper.

Our Gamlebyen is the port town of Norway (Midgard) that you arrive in when taking a boat from Piraeus. It is about the same size as Piraeus and provides many hunting areas surrounding it with mythical creatures like nisse and trolls along with the more mundane bears and vikings, yarr!

Behind the scenes:
Gamlebyen is based upon a district of Oslo, Norway. Some of the areas around Gamlebyen are based on areas around Oslo.


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