Garvin's Bargains

[Garvin's Bargains]
The busy sounds of a chisel on wood greet the customers of Garvin's Bargains. A tidy worktable lines one entire wall, containing all manner of sawdust-covered tools and bits of wood. You also see Garvin.

#     Price Item
1.      105 a scratched oak writing desk
2.       98 a short natural oak worktable
3.      115 a big white oak desk
4.      425 a big four-posted oak bed
5.      240 a rough-hewn oaken table
6.      107 a dark oak corner desk
7.      300 a claw-footed oak table
8.      355 a dark oak sleigh bed
9.      335 a light oak canopy bed
10.     310 a rectangular oak-trimmed table
11.     465 an oak-shuttered window
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