Gelasia's Baked Goods

[Gelasia's Baked Goods]
Gelasia's collection of delicious baked breads, cakes and cookies fills the open courtyard with a rich, sweet smell. The delectables which spread neatly across the baker's back table are snatched up almost as quickly as they can be baked. Soldiers and locals alike frequent Gelasia's for her delicious tomato-cheese rolls. A small group of children, however, seem to prefer her syrup-dipped cookies, as they sit in a corner happily sharing a warm batch. You also see Gelasia, a serving counter and the bakery menu.

     Welcome to Gelasia's Baked Goods!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         2    a loaf of wheat bread
      2         2    a loaf of barley bread
      3         2    a loaf of rye bread
      4         2    some olive-oregano rolls
      5         3    some tomato-cheese rolls
      6         3    some vegetable rolls
      7         3    a chick-pea buttered cake
      8         3    a honey-nut cake
      9         4    a sticky yogurt-raisin cake
     10         2    some sweet sesame cookies
     11         2    some honeyed almond cookies
     12         3    some syrup-dipped cookies
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