Gemma's Puppet Shop

[Gemma's Puppet Shop]
Neatly stacked bolts of fabric rest on shelves next to round straw baskets filled with small wooden representations of various animal features. Small black noses poke above the edge of one basket, and in another, slitted green cat eyes peep out between the openings in the loosely woven container. The owner, Gemma, sits in a corner of the shop, quietly stitching up her latest creation as she waits for customers to make a selection from her wares.

1   a bear puppet                                     Price 50        
2   a mermel puppet                                   Price 50        
3   a wolf puppet                                     Price 50        
4   a lion puppet                                     Price 50        
5   a fox puppet                                      Price 50        
6   a lynx puppet                                     Price 50        
7   a puma puppet                                     Price 50        
8   a badger puppet                                   Price 50        
9   a hyena puppet                                    Price 50        


All items may be customized with a color and material.
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