Gimcrack's Shamania

[Ratty Tent, Gimcrack's Shamania]
A thick wooden stick is stuck into the center of the room, the only thing keeping the much-patched tent from collapsing in on itself. Bear rugs cover the floor, matted and dingy from years of use, and the scent of wet puppies fills the air. Sitting in the back couched amidst numerous bulging sacks filled with his wares is Gimcrack, the tent's owner.

1. a dingy white scroll           (30 dinars) Vial of the Four Winds
2. a dull green scroll            (25 dinars) Liquid of Harvesting
3. a dark grey torn scroll        (5 dinars)  Vial of Shadows. 
4. a vial of zombie blood         (5 dinars)       
5. a bottle of acid               (3 dinars)        
6. a satchel                      (13 dinars)       
7. a pouch                        (3 dinars)  
8. a dingy lemon yellow scroll    (10 dinars) Bug repellent
9. a grimy green scroll           (10 dinars) Blemish ointment
1. a smelly red scroll            (10 dinars) Scent repellent
2. a ratty mustard yellow scroll  (15 dinars) Cure for dizziness
3. an oily charcoal-grey scroll   (15 dinars) Liver oil tonic
4. a mouldering parchment scroll  (15 dinars) Itch-balm poultice
5. a splotched light green scroll (15 dinars) Hiccup remedy
6. a decanter of gold water       (5 dinars) 
7. a smeared wine red scroll      (12 dinars) Wine vinegar
8. a bottle of anaconda snake oil (40 dinars) 
9. a P8 chickory root draught     (64 dinars)

1. a P15 chickory root draught    (225 dinars)
2. a P20 chickory root draught    (400 dinars)
3. a P30 chickory root draught    (1000 dinars)
4. a P5 carrot-olive draught      (60 dinars)
5. a P10 carrot-olive draught     (230 dinars)
6. a P13 carrot-olive draught     (380 dinars)
7. a P3 honey-ginseng elixir      (9 dinars)
8. a P6 honey-ginseng elixir      (36 dinars)
9. a P9 honey-ginseng elixir      (49 dinars)

1. a vial of P8 golden gel           (40 dinars)
2. a deep black blood stained scroll (1067 dinars)

Backroom:   None

The pouch and satchel may be customized with a color and material.
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