Gimwick's Tacky Fashions

[Gimwick's Tacky Fashions]
Well-made saddlebags hung over wooden sawhorses crowd the back wall of the shop. Nailed on the wall above is a variety of horseshoes polished to a high gleam. Shelves line each wall, holding the rest of the merchant's wares well above the straw-covered floor. You also see Gimwick.

1   some leather saddlebags                           Price 35        
2   some oilcloth saddlebags                          Price 35        
3   some canvas saddlebags                            Price 35        
4   some cotton saddlebags                            Price 35        
5   a set of gold-edged horseshoes                    Price 300       
6   a set of brass-gilded horseshoes                  Price 60        
7   a set of silver-edged horseshoes                  Price 100       
8   a tail ribbon                                     Price 20        
9   a saddle blanket                                  Price 20     


Some items may be customized with color, material or both.
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