Githal S Shoemaker Shop

[Githal's Shoemaker Shop]
The interior of the shoe shop has a cluttered, but somehow, friendly appearance. Leather scraps are scattered across the floor and the cobbler's tools rest haphazardly on his work table. However, the well-crafted knotty pine shelves which display his wares show a surprising amount of order. Sandals and boots have been grouped in size and color shelf by shelf, and one special shelf seems to have been set aside for a colorful array of dainty slippers.

1   some low-heeled sandals                           Price 6
2   some cross-strapped sandals                       Price 6
3   some leather sandals                              Price 6
4   some wool slippers                                Price 8
5   some satin slippers                               Price 117
6   some kidskin slippers                             Price 10
7   some ankle boots                                  Price 20
8   some leather boots                                Price 20
9   some knee-high boots                              Price 20


All items may be customized with a color.
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