Gold Panning

To gold pan you are going to need a gold pan, you can find these in a shack west of Athens.

They come in three different types along with some other items at this rickety wooden shack.

  • a flimsy gold pan - 50 Dinars
  • a sturdy gold pan - 70 Dinars
  • a durable gold pan - 100 Dinars

Once you have your gold pan head on over to the stream west of the shack. At the stream you will see sediment on the ground.

Get yourself some sediment and put it inside your gold pan.

Next grab some water and put that in there too.

Next you need to turn your gold pan so it ridges are facing away from you.

Then you need to tap it to so your gold will sift to the bottom of the pan.

Next you need to pull and lift on your pan to let the sediment go over your ridges and hopefully catch that gold your seeking.

Almost done now, you need to shake your pan from side to side, letting the sediment spill over the sides.

Finally, you need to swirl whats left in your pan, till your left with only a few bits of sediment

Now, hopefully when your done you will look inside you pan and see some precious gold.

One last note, Occasionally you will encounter thieves and the like looking to make a quick dinar from your corpse, so be prepared to defend yourself while your panning.

Have fun panning!

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