Greegius Taverna

[Athens, Greegius' Tavern]
True to the sign outside, the beauty here has long since faded, and time has weathered much of the color from both the tavern and those inside. Greegius moves about the place, attending to the patrons' wishes and showing those who have wished a little too much to the door. A hastily-scrawled menu behind the bar lists the fare served here. You also see Greegius, a serving counter and a rickety staircase.

     Welcome to Greegius Taverna!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         3    a cup of watery mead
      2         4    a mug of house wine
      3         3    a crusty honey cake
      4         4    a bowl of wheat porridge
      5         5    a bowl of vegetable stew
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